Pass The Hat!

Brothers, can you spare a dime?

As you may know, we get frequent requests for donations for many worthy causes, but we have limited funds, especially given our inability to hold live events. In normal times, we would have speakers before or after our Business meetings and pass the hat for donations but only the Brothers in attendance can help. To allow us to be able to help these one time requests and other smaller needs we are asking each Brother to join our Pass the Hat program. By committing only $0.10 a day ($3 a month, or a bit more if you can afford it) we can raise charitable funds that will allow us to help the most in need. We won’t come to you for other donations during the year (except for our major events like Drive for the Intellectually Disabled, Rancho San Antonio raffle ticket sales, Casino Night, And Knights Golf Tournament (if and when we can hold live events again)).

By clicking on the 'Pass The Hat' button below, you can select an amount between $3 and $10 a month to be automatically charged each month. For most of us, this is the cost of a cup of coffee. This will allow you to donate in a way that should be almost unnoticeable to you, yet allow us to help where we as a Council feel will make the most impact. These funds will not go towards supporting our designated Charities including Star House, St Sebastian Sports Project, or Ranch San Antonio, but to respond to other needs that come before us during the year.

Please seriously consider this. Personally, I support many small Charity organizations this way and it is painless, but allows me to help where I see a worthy need without writing a big check each year.

Thanks again, Joe!

Monthly Donation

If you would like to make a one time donation in any $ amount, or a reoccurring donation greater than $10/mo plesae click the button below, again, thank you for your suppport!

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